Business Portraits

“Your image is our business,
and our business is making you look exceptional.”

Professional Business Portraits

Capturing compelling business portraits involves a thoughtful combination of artistic creativity and logistical planning. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the logistics of taking business portraits:

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the logistics of taking business portraits:

Define the Purpose and Style:

First, we’ll need to understand the purpose of the business portraits. Is it for a professional LinkedIn profile, corporate website, or marketing collateral?
We will Determine the desired style, considering factors like formality, background, and lighting. The style should align with the professional image the subject wants to convey.

Schedule and Coordinate:

We work with our Client to schedule a convenient time for the photoshoot, ensuring minimal disruption to their workday.
If photographing multiple individuals or teams, coordinate schedules to streamline the process.

Choose the Right Location:

Along with the client, we will select a suitable location that reflects the desired atmosphere and professionalism. This could be an office space, a neutral studio backdrop, or an outdoor setting.

Consider Lighting:

On the day, we will assess the available natural and artificial light. Ensure that the lighting complements the subject and creates a flattering effect.
diffusers or reflectors may be used to manage harsh lighting conditions and shadows.

Camera and Equipment Setup:

We use onley the best and appropriate lenses, lighting and settings for portraiture.
We will include lighting and backdrop, and any other requirement of the client.

Posing and Composition:

We Guide the subject/client through various poses that convey professionalism and approachability.
Pay attention to composition, framing the subject in a way that aligns with the intended purpose of the portrait.

Wardrobe and Grooming:

We advise the subject on appropriate wardrobe choices that align with their profession and the intended use of the portrait.
Ensure hair and makeup are well-groomed and suited to the desired level of formality.

Review and Adjust:

We periodically review images with the subject during the shoot to make any necessary adjustments or refinements.
Pay attention to details like facial expressions, posture, and background elements.


We edit the images to enhance color, contrast, and sharpness.
Retouch as needed, addressing any imperfections while maintaining a natural appearance.

Delivery and Usage Rights:

We Provide the edited images to the client in a timely manner.
You will have full rights for commercial purposes.